Mr. Weyland A Closer Look – TED Talk Prometheus

A closer look – from charlie black

a friend of mine asked me to blog about this ad. it’s for the brilliant director ridley scott on his upcoming master piece prometheus. i first reacted to the fact scott used TED to not only promote his film in a fresh way but did it mocking the very media he used in doing it. beautiful irony. he is a master. the hilarious thing is, TED allowed it and i doubt they understand the irony. but i all ready blogged on that. this is my new blog on the content of Mr. Weyland’s speech. if you’ll indulge me.

I had some time to get past my issues with TED, SXSW and social media and am ready to focus on the message.

Mr. Weyland starts off quoting T.E. Lawrence, as in Lawrence of Arabia (real), who was asked by his colleague William Potter why he favored putting out a match by pinching it with his fingers and what trick he used dealing with the pain and Lawrence revealed the trick is not minding it hurts.

In other words, fool the world (the sheep) with a lie. Teach them that the fire (which by nature consumes destructively until there is only ashes and nothing left to feed on)…does not hurt…nor is it dangerous…nor should it be feared. All in one simple illustration of putting out a match by pinching it between your fingers and hiding the truth that it hurt and caused pain.

Then Mr. Weyland goes on to twist the metaphor into a glorious illustration of GOOD, when in fact the lesson should have been caught as an evil deception of pain.

Fire was a gift from the titan Prometheus, Mr. Weyland goes on to say.

Stolen from gods. Again…stolen, that’s good right?

Prometheus was then unjustly punished by overreacting gods by being tied to a rock and an eagle pecked, ripped and tore open his flesh and guts to eat his liver over, over and over, day after day. See the subtle set up of the guilty thief being portrayed as the hero who gave humanity the wonderful gift when in fact he stole it – it wasn’t his to give.

Mr. Weyland then launches into how the first gift of technology of fire given to the hero Prometheus launches humanity on this glorious path to ultimately become…GODS!

* note – i added world populations for perspective

bc he gave humans fire – the first piece of technology

100,000 bc – stone tools (estimated world population under .015 million)

4,000 bc – the wheel (estimated world population 20,000,000)

notice the time transition to A.D. and the nod to “our Lord” in the speech

9th century – 800s –  add gun powder – game changer (estimated world population 160,000,000)

19th century – 1800s – eureka light bulb (estimated world population 978,000,000)

20th century – 1900s – automobile, tv, internet, nuclear weapons, space craft (estimated world population 570,000,000,000 – yes billions)

21st century  – 2000s – bio tech, nano tech, artificial intelligence, fusion, infusion, m theory (an extension of string theory to include 11 dimensions superseding superstring theory)  (2012 current population is about 7,000,000,000,000 estimated world population end of year 2100 – 1.200,000,000,000  – yes trillion)

on the way – cybernetic individuals, we are the gods now

“those who know me you will be aware by now that my ambition is unlimited. you know that i will settle for nothing short of greatness or i will die trying. for those of you who do not yet know me, allow me to introduce myself, my name is _____ and if you’ll indulge me, i’ld like to change the world.”

Does anyone catch what’s going on here? Is the metaphor not blatantly obvious? Anyone read Genesis lately. It’s the age old story of the arch angel Lucifer. Through wanting to be the best, through ambition, he wanted to not only change the world for himself, he wanted to be God.

Anyone who is a student of history will also recognize another repeated epic theme repeated in song, story and civilizations. A country will chase technology, become dependent on that technology, out grow it’s ability to sustain that technology, start to fail in economically supporting it’s civilization depending on that technology, start the decay of that civilization leading to the ultimate take over (war), self destruction by citizens (war, riots, coupé) or collapse, then the reset and rebuilding process.

Examples: in no particular order (I’m referring to peak of there empires/civilizations/dynasties/dictorial rule/monarchies) – Greeks, Assyrians, Persians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Japanese, Chinese, Ming Dynasties, Korea, Russia, Germany, Romans, Spain

Just remember the Middle Ages after the glory of Rome – I know, I know, it could never happen now…we’re different now. We’re to advanced.

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5 Responses to “Mr. Weyland A Closer Look – TED Talk Prometheus”

  1. As I watched this trailer I found myself cringing at how ominous it was. And it grew very slowly. The perfection in this trailer is the portrayal of evil as brilliance. In your post you mention every failed civilization from the Assyrians to the Persians to the Romans, and for good reason. What makes me deeply curious are the specific men’s names attached to the downfall of their respective empires. Hitler=Germany. Caesar (not that I know a lot about him)=Rome. But there are others. Who are they? What common threads did they all have in common? I know one. Brilliance. That cannot be denied. It’s the same brilliance that brings man to the brink of exponential growth — technologically, industrially, economically, corporately — that is responsible for the perfect means that he has crafted for his own destruction. Thus, enter the great human fallacy. The tragedy of man. His naturally-driven cycle of self-imposed damnation.

    So, there’s a stage. It holds no answers, it possesses no context. It is simply a stage. A lone man comes to it and stands upon it facing the world he will change — if indulged to do so. And by the end he has created a dark sensation of fate so frightening that those before him can only metabolize their own awe, for this man represents the desires, the composures, the will and limitless ambition of all people, and though he claims to be a god, one must truly wonder if he isn’t God’s perfect opposite. With his promises come his lies and the wheel of fate lurches forward one more revolution.

    Personally, I say beware of the man who entertains with a story, impresses with achievement, closes with a declaration… and then introduces himself. That’s creepy.


    • dang nick. you just blew my hair back, to quote will. you see it. you didn’t buy it. you saw right through it. didn’t take the bate – the shinny crowning achievements of technology and all their glory. your observations are razor sharp, commentary impeccable, insight strategy very intelligent. deeply grounded in your values. methodical, like slowly unfolding an origami ornament one precious fold at a time analyzing each one to figure out the dimension it created to sum up the whole and when you were done unfolding the little paper square you said ahhh, that’s how they made the little devil.

      Nick, this was seriously impressive. nothing but turret.

  2. Weyland as Lucifer (unconsciously?) incarnate, a commercial demagogue holding a Godless, technologically-obsessed elite in thrall with promises of more “progress”, ever-greater vainglorious achievement to define themselves by, seeking to further separate themselves from the rest of Creation in the process, only to find the ‘off’ switch won’t work when they need it to.

    He reminds me of a former boss of mine: aloof, reptilian, cold-eyed, ever-so-composed, transactional, ostensibly “English” but very alien to the general English population.

    • excellent comment. thank you for your thoughts. very powerful and thought provoking. please keep them coming. your intelligence is an honor and your presence a gift on my blog. i hope you consider following it.

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