poem | it’s all you can do

poem | it’s all you can do © 052014 blackopscharlie.com have you ever built something up to watch it be torn down have you ever thought you had something only to loose it have you ever created a dream only to watch it fade and the hurt was to hard to take and you fought […]

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poem | once hoped for

poem | once hoped for © 051415 blackopscharlie.com tell me does it lift you up give me something, something real i am so tired of the fake and make believe every grow tired with the world lost outside of you give me a river strong in it’s current an ocean deep in it’s blue swells […]

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poem | come back this way

poem | come back this way © 041715 blackpscharlie.com Like looking back at fall leafs drifting like memories fleeting like the breeze i ask, come on back this way come on back this way i chase them as they fade two faces in the sun wash away in a light drizzle getting lost in the […]

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poem | without me

poem | without me © 032315 blackopscharlie.com how many times do you hear the words no you won’t no you can’t how many times do you tell yourself no i won’t i better not I can’t how many times are your barriers built before you even start you’re defeated from your past unable to know […]

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poem | live such as this

poem | live such as this © blackopscharlie 031015 Like an ocean tide Carrying me Out to Sea Like Winds Whispering Through Long standing Trees I will be carried I will be carried Like Space With No Gravity A White Angels Wings I Will Fly Free I Will Fly Free i was Not made For […]

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poem | echoes

poem | echoes © blackopscharlie 030115 life limited through pictures memories long lost forgotten digital moments captured logged no escaping captured time reliving reality of years in moments as fast as echoes off canyons of my mind in moments as fast as echoes off canyons of my mind fading off until i can no longer […]

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poem | why

poem | why © blackopscharlie.com 022715 pressing the truth passing through boundaries our past to present shared memories hard flow freedom crushing let it be you be you I’ll be me we walk away to find a new beginning where change is the new hope you be you I’ll be me walk free in faith […]

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poem | shot

poem | shot © blackopscharlie.com 022415 A bullet Shot Out Of A Barrel Spinning Velocity Bringing Turmoil Flash of Light Explosive Crushing Sound Like Your Voice The Choice Love Me Love Me Let Me Be Free In This Isolation Of Pain To Feel Undistracted These Regrets These Regrets I Had No Way Out Two To […]

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poem | staring back in the mirror

poem | staring back in the mirror © blackopscharlie.com 022415 What do you see in the face of your disappointment those deep dark eyes in the mirror staring back with the memories of your failed dreams your claims of going places and being something as the years slip by one moment at time callas to […]

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